How to Download Subtitles for Kodi Player 17.6 Latest

Just like any other multimedia streamers, Kodi also allows users to add subtitles to enjoy multimedia content in their own language. Subtitles are a very vital part when it comes to watching multimedia content from different country or language. In this era, we often watch content from other countries in a different language. In order to understand the content from other countries or other languages, we need subtitles. This page will show how to download/ add subtitles to Kodi player. Unlike other media player, here in Kodi, you have to follow several steps to set up the initial subtitles setting for multimedia content. Once you’re done with the initial setup, then you can easily enjoy all the subtitles with a single click only. Let’s follow the steps shared below and make Kodi streaming more enjoyable and understandable.

Which Languages are Supported by Kodi?

You might be having this question “Is My language supported by Kodi” or What languages are supported by Kodi player?. Kodi supports almost all the major languages, check out the complete list below to see whether your language is there or not. Here are the languages which are supported by Kodi.

Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Scottish, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian, Zulu and a lot of other regional languages.

Kodi is one of the best streaming application which allows users to stream content from other countries or in another language. If you watch multimedia content in a different language then make sure to set up the Kodi Subtitle settings by following the methods shared below.

How to Add/Download Subtitles Kodi on Kodi Player Krypton 17.6 & 17

Follow the step by step from below, we have also shared images for easy understanding. Make sure to follow the steps as they are shown below. In the end, you will have your subtitles on your Kodi player.

Step 1: Open the Kodi player/ application

Step 2: Click on the Setting (Gear Icon), available on the Top Left of the screen.


Step 3: Select “Player Settings”.

Step 4: There is a Languages option on the left side, Select Languages option.

Step 5: Find or locate the section “Download Services“.

Step 6: Click on the “Languages to download subtitles for” option.

Step 7: A Popup will appear now, where you need to choose the language.

Step 8: You can see a list of languages that are supported by Kodi. Now find or locate your language and click on it. Here we have selected the English language. Similarly, you can pick any language that you understand.

Step 9: The Next Step is to Assign Subtitle Package to the Multimedia Service. Go to Default TV show service option.


Step 10: Select Get more.

Step 11: Now you can see a list of Subtitles packages. Scroll down a bit and select Open by OpenSubtitles. Install it

Subtitles Kodi

Step 12: Now click on the Default Movie service option and Select the same subtitle package again that we have installed in the above step.

The subtitles settings for Kodi Player are configured now. You can enjoy your selected language subtitles in multimedia content. Follow the important instructions from below


  • While watching any multimedia content on Kodi, there is a Subtitle icon as shown below, Click on that.

Subtitles Kodi

  • A Subtitles Popup will open now. Now click on the Download option.
Subtitles Kodi
  • Now the Subtitle Package will show the list of Subtitle files that are available. Choose anyone as per your choice.
Subtitles Kodi
  • You’re done. Now just sit back and enjoy your favorite multimedia content with subtitles.
Subtitles Kodi

Now you know how to add subtitles to multimedia content in your latest Version Kodi Player. You need to configure the Subtitles settings once and then you can easily get subtitles on any multimedia content by choosing the Subtitle icon.

How to Manually Add Subtitles/ Custom Subtitles in Kodi Player 17.6

Here is another way which can also be used to add subtitles in latest Kodi player. If you have a Subtitle Zip file then you can add the subtitles in Kodi player by following the steps shared below.

  • Open the Kodi Player.
  • Click on the Setting (Gear Icon), available on the top left screen.
  • Select the Player Settings.
  • Click on the “Language” option.
  • Scroll down a bit to find the Download Services option and then Select Custom Subtitle Folder.
  • Now find the folder where your Subtitle Zip is located and Click OK. That’s it.

How to Manually Search for Subtitle in Kodi Player:

Follow the steps to manually search for the subtitles in Kodi player. Make sure to configure Subtitles settings using the method shared above before you manually search for the subtitles.

  • While watching a Multimedia, Select Subtitle icon when the Multimedia is playing.
  • Select Download option.
  • popup will appear now.
  • Select the Manual String option that is available on the Right side.
  • Enter the Multimedia name for which you require the Subtitle and Select OK.
  • Kodi will display the Subtitle if it is available. Select the Subtitle to open it.

Now you know how to setup or add subtitles to a Kodi player. Use the methods shared above to download subtitles in Kodi player and enjoy the multimedia content from other countries or in other languages. Check out other installation guides for this site to make your Kodi experience more enjoyable. Comment below if you have any feedback or suggestion to make related to Kodi.

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