Neptune Rising Not Working – Fix Error

Overview about the article:

In this article, you will find information about “Neptune Rising Not Working”. If you are using Neptune Rising kodi addon and are facing any kind of issue then, this article is for you.

Here you will find solution to all your Kodiaddon problems along with alternative ways to fix it. Read the whole article. After reading this article, You will understand the conecpt.

What is Neptune Rising Kodi Addon:

It is one of the greatest addons launched in Kodi for streaming latest movies, shows, etc. In this Kodi addon, there is only HD and Ultra HD contents. Apart from this, it allows users to navigate through streams according to different generes.

Special Notice for Kodi users:

If you are a Kodi user, then you must be aware of the fact that using Kodi without VPN is risky. In Kodi, there are some content which are subject to copyright. A VPN keeps your ISP hidden. VPN helps you to encrypt your data and hide your online activities with your ISP.

Neptune Rising Content not available:

If you are having trouble in using Neptune Rising and it is showing error in displaying content, Then look at the steps given below:

Step 1- Go to “Kodi Home Screen” on your device.

Step 2- Now “Right Click” on the updated “Neptune Rising” addon. Then select “Tools” option

Step 3- Now click on “Neptune Rising: Clear Cache” then on  “Are you Sure”. At last, click on “YES”

Step 4- Select “Neptune Rising: Clear Providers” > “Are You Sure”. Again click on “YES” option. It works in Leia 18.

Step 5- In this step, return back to the “Kodi Home Screen” and then right click on “Neptune Rising”. Go to “Settings“.

Step 6- Make sure the “Providers Timeout is set at 20“. Click on “OK” button.

Step 7- Now hit the “Playback” option. “Turn Off” the “Hosters With Captchas” option.

Step 8- Go to “Library” and “Turn On” the option “Check Movie Before Adding It”.

Step 9- At last, Click on “OK” and you are all set.

Apart from this, you can also factory reset your kodi app, After doing the factory reset, All settings will be set to default and your Kodi app will look like new.


I hope the article was uptoyour expectations and your problem regarding Neptune Kodi is solved. Please share your experiences with us by commenting in the comment box. If you have any other solution to this problem, Feel free to share with us.

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