Best Kodi TV Addons in 2018 – Working & Updated

Best Kodi TV Addons: Dissimilar to services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is overseen by the non-benefit XBMC Foundation, and it’s continually being adjusted and updated by incalculable of coders around the globe. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been handled by more than 500 programming engineers and more than 200 interpreters. That implies you would now be able to modify and customize Kodi by introducing add-ons or manufactures, and they’re absolutely free, as well. Furthermore, it’s not only for PCs; Kodi would now be able to take a shot at everything from a cell phone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

There are many top-notch add-ons for Kodi, from relatively every classification imaginable. Kodi live TV add-ons are somewhat either all in or all out on the off chance that they work or not. They are always being updated. Like any Kodi add-on, it depends if the server is full or not for a link to the stream. This implies that one day you will have no issues while the following day, or hour, the stream never works. This working and not working can be baffling, so it is constantly best to stick to series effectively recorded and locate a decent server if possible.

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List of Top TV Add-ons for Kodi

There are some great add-ons that have consistently enhanced Live TV, just don’t anticipate that it will be as tried and true as Cable TV. Television is the best and the most affordable medium for entertainment. Albeit numerous other stimulation media, for example, Netflix, Hulu, and Torrents are accessible, the significance of TV can’t be denied, particularly with regards to living shows, since that is one thing that you can’t quick forward in any medium, and everybody on the planet is seeing those together. Presently, the vast majority of you are Kodi clients who don’t like the idea of paying for a powerful cable connection, when you can watch pretty much anything for free by using a Kodi VPN.

Here is a list of best Kodi TV Add-ons:

  • Bennu
  • Goodfellas 2.0
  • USTVNow Plus
  • iPlayer WWW
  • StreamZ TV
  • BOBUnleashed
  • Sports Devil
  • Quantum
  • Castaway


After the well known Phoenix addon went down, it resurrected in the form of Bennu, a brainchild of the same designers of Phoenix. In any case, Bennu is presently superior to anything Phoenix was at any point in many ways; for example, usefulness and organization. Bennu offers everything, from live TV to sports, making it a standout amongst other alternatives for Kodi clients.

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 is a gigantic change as compared to its last edition. It has turned out to be colossally well known inside Kodi groups. The addon highlights the best choices to meet your live TV seeing needs. In the event that that isn’t sufficient, it makes webcam streams accessible too, including live streams from the International Space Station!What’s one of a kind about GoodFellas 2.0 is the way its primary or main menu is sorted. Rather than bringing classic categories, you will locate an expansive rundown of particular content types. For instance, these can be culinary substance, book recordings, military, outside, and more.

USTVNow Plus

USTVNow Plus is a famous Kodi live TV add-on. With this addon, you can view all of your most loved American TV shows, motion pictures, and sports events. However, you have to subscribe to it for $19 per month from their official site. The USTV addon offers you 28 channels, including CBS, Fox News, ESPN, History, NB, and so forth to watch your most loved programs. You can likewise access six US channels for no cost.

iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is yet another live TV add-on for Kodi that allows you to watch British TV programs, news, motion pictures and sports occasions on BBC iPlayer without breaking a sweat. This addon gives you an ease of access to live stream your most loved shows on Kodi with no complain.

StreamZ TV

StreamZ TV is a recently refreshed Live TV add-on that is working extremely well from August 2017. It has numerous TV stations to access; from movies to sports. In the wake of clicking a link on this add-on, make certain to give it an opportunity to load. cloud TV is a Kodi live TV add-on that you can use with your Kodi gadget. It gives you access to an expansive number of TV channels for all age gatherings. It’s a cloud-based TV add-on, hence the name. This addon streams channels from various groups, so you can use multi-lingual channels with this addon and stream projects of different nations too.


BOBUnleashed contains everything from motion pictures and TV series and sports programming to kid’s shows and anime. Moreover, this is the place you can discover 4K motion pictures and HD content too. BOBUnleashed is created by a group called BOB Team. You can download this addon by introducing the Noobs and Nerds Repository first. After a long break, and its gathering area are back on the web. The engineer guaranteed to convey some cool updates to the addon soon.


If you love watching sports then Sports Devil is the add-on that you must install. Sports Devil is the best add-on when it comes to watching live sports streaming especially football. You can watch all sort of sports such as football, wrestling, NFL game, boxing, PPV, UFC, EPL, UK Football, live basketball, hockey and baseball and much more.

sportsdevil best addons for kodi



Quantum has a unique area only for live TV, which incorporates the live TV streams for Oblivion IPTV, and in addition a modest bunch of others, to incorporate BAMF IPTV, Pyramid Live, Ultra Live, Fido Live, Freeview (VPN required outside of UK), Lily Sports Live and Supremacy Live. Each of these has diverse live streams to offer, despite the fact that there are some perceptible hybrids, particularly as to US and UK channels.


While Castaway as an add-on has a long time ago filled its need, and its essential highlights do not work, despite everything it has working connects to live TV streams. You can locate these under the Live TV area of the addon, where you’ll see an extensive rundown of various sites that stream live substance.

Live TV streams and Kodi are right now just not to the point of being a genuine alternative in the event that you need dependability; much like streaming any recorded media was with Kodi a couple of years prior. It will be certainty consistently enhance with time. Remember many free stations from mainstream systems are broadcasted for nothing over the air in digital format. All that is required is a decent antenna. If you live in a huge city regularly 30- 40 channels can be viewed at no cost over-the-air and may as of now be the best for live TV. Free over the air TV is primarily used for live news and climate, however, many stations are likewise accessible including ABC, NBC, and CBS.


Q. How does Kodi work?

A. At its core, Kodi is simply a media center that pushes content to your HDTV. Like Chromecast and Apple TV. But unlike Chromecast and Apple TV, Kodi is completely open-source and malleable; it is designed to be flexible and it works on all major platforms, including Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Q. Why use a VPN with Kodi?

A. Many like to use a VPN with Kodi for the variety of reasons but mainly as a layer of protection and to get content their Country or ISP may block. For example, United Kingdom users that have blocked content from Geolocation can use a VPN to bounce their IP and seem to come from another Country, such as the USA. Another example is an ISP that has blocks on their network from accessing certain parts of the internet. A VPN will create an encrypted tunnel around this that no one can see into and change the IP. A VPN also adds a layer of security since all the data in the connection called a tunnel is encrypted.


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