How to Install Kodi on Android Phone – Use, Setup, Update Kodi

This page is loaded with an installation guide of Kodi on android phone. Kodi is an open source application allows users to stream content that is available on the internet, home network etc. While Android phones are one of the most used phones in the world. So why not install the Kodi on Android phone and enjoy the streaming advantages that Kodi offers. Read the methods shared below to know how to install the latest Kodi player on Android phone. Kodi is officially available for many operating systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Raspberry Pi etc. This post is dedicated to Kodi on Android phones only. Let’s understand the various methods through which one can easily download & install Kodi on Android phone.

Note: You can use these methods not only on Android phones but also on Android Tablets. Make sure your Android device is updated to Android Lollipop or greater. If yes, then you are good to go.

Methods to Install Kodi on Android Phone

There are two possible ways through which Kodi can be installed on the Android phones and tablets. As mentioned above that Kodi is officially available for Android platform so the installation process isn’t much complicated. All you need to do is follow the simple steps that are shared below.

Method 1: Kodi on Android Phone using apk file from Kodi

Method 2: Download and Install Kodi on Android phone using Google Play

It’s pretty simple to download & install the Kodi player on Android phone using any of the above methods. Let’s understand each method in detail.

Kodi on Android Phone using apk file from Kodi

Here is the first method, firstly we’re going to download the apk file of Kodi from the official website of Kodi. Follow the steps as shared below, refer to the images/screenshots for easy & better understanding.

Step 1: The first step is to download the apk file from the official website of Kodi. You can use an Android phone to download the file or else use any laptop or computer and then transfer the file to your Android phone.

Step 2: Visit the Official website of Kodi i.e.

Step 3: Scroll down below, now you see platforms for which Kodi is officially available. Click on the “Android” option as shown below.

Kodi on Android, How to install Kodi on Android

Step 5: A popup will appear on your screen, where you can see multiple versions. Click on any version of your choice to proceed with the download process.

Step 6: The download will start automatically once you click on your preferred version.


Kodi on Android, How to install Kodi on Android


Step 7: Wait for the download to complete, the size of apk file is around 82 MB. Once the Download is completed then Your Kodi on Android Phone and Android Tablet will be ready to use.

Step 8: We’ve successfully downloaded the apk file, now it’s time to install the apk file on Android Phone, so click on the apk file to open it.

Step 9: Once you tap on that Kodi apk file, Android Package installer will open. It will ask you whether to Install the app or Cancel. Click on Install.

Step 10: Wait for the installation process to complete.

You will be able to enjoy the Kodi content on your Android phone once it’s installed.

Hopefully, you will be able to install the Kodi on your Android device by using this method. If you find any difficulty in this method, then you can follow the next method.

Download and Install Kodi on Android phone using Google Play

If you’re using an Android device then you might have heard or used Google Play. If yes, then this method is going to be super easy for you. This method involves Google Play, so let’s understand the steps that are involved in this method.

Step 1: Visit the Google Play app on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Click on the Search bar and Search for Kodi. A Search bar is available at the Top of the Google Play.

Step 3: Once you find the Kodi App, Click on that.

Step 4: Click on the install button.

Step 5: A pop up will appear on your screen where you will be whether to Accept or not. Press Accept.

Step 6: The app will start to Download. Wait for the download process to complete.

Step 7: The installation process will begin automatically once the download is complete. A Kodi app shortcut will be added to your Standby screen as well.

The installation process is complete now. So open the Kodi app and enjoy the content that is available. It may take little extra time when you’re opening the Kodi app on your Android phone for the first time.

Best Kodi Add-ons, Skins, and Builds for Android Phone

Kodi allows users to stream the content in a best possible way. Now you have Kodi installed on your Android Phone, so why not install the best Kodi add-ons, skins, and builds to make your Kodi more exciting and enjoyable. Check out the links shared below to know more about Kodi builds, skins, and add-ons.

Kodi for Different Devices & Operating Systems

If you use any other operating system then you might be interested in the following installation guides.

Now you know how to download and install Kodi on Mac, use the method shared above to successfully install the latest Kodi Krypton on your Mac. Hopefully, this guide is helpful, if yes, then why not share this piece of information with other people as well who might be seeking for this information. Check out other installation guides to make your Kodi more enjoyable and better. Keep checking this site for more Kodi related updates and information.

Leave a comment below, if you have any query or feedback. Your feedback is important to us. Keep on checking this site for useful information on Kodi.

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