Best Kodi Addons for Live Sports in 2018 – Working & Updated

In today’s technologically advanced world, the new fad is live streaming sports. They have gained in popularity and there are multiple exclusive matches from various premium channels. Spearheading this new fad is Kodi. Kodi is a state-of-the-art software and continues to be amazing even without third-party add-ons. With every new update, this home theater software only grows and refines its scope and abilities.

The most recent version of the software– nicknamed Krypton– presents a very refined and polished interface, amazing performance, and compatibility with all major platforms. Despite it being a great stand-alone software, add-ons are responsible for the unique experience of Kodi and these add-ons truly make the software shine. These add-ons are easy to install and very user-friendly. They bring different types of streamable content onto one platform.

List of Top Kodi Live Sports Add-ons

This year, a lot of Kodi Add-ons that transmit live sports events and are repeatedly targeted by some big ISPs and forced to close down (Phoenix and Navi-X were the biggest exits until now). Despite this, there are still quite a few add-ons that can be used to watch Sports TV Channels or stream by an event. We have compiled a list of some of the best Kodi addons out there:

  • USTVNOW Plus
  • SportsDevil
  • iPlayer WWW
  • cCloud TV
  • Quantum
  • Goodfellas
  • Elektra Vault
  • Falcon Sports
  • Scheme Streams
  • Sports World



USTVNOW Plus is an add-on that gives you access to TV channels from the United States. The online service has access to multiple popular channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, CW, PBS, and CBS. It also allows you to stream NBC Sports Network and ESPN. The content is, however, restricted to the US and hence people from other areas will require the use of a VPN service.




SportsDevil is among the most recommended live sports add-ons for a software like Kodi. This service can be accessed for free and it allows one to stream live sports in High Definition. The main screen of SportsDevil streams not just live TV but also game highlights and more. It covers all major sports tournaments like NFL, Soccer, NHL etc. The only limitation of this particular service is that some of its content is restricted to specific geographical areas, and hence requires a VPN service that changes your IP address before gaining access to that content.




iPlayer WWW

The iPlayer WWW addon gives one open access to the BBC iPlayer. BBC’s video player is among the most extensive and incredible sources of video content which panders to audiences across the globe. It gives you access to news, movies, and TV shows from different countries. The iPlayer WWW is also great for live sports streaming. While BBC generally streams sports events from the U.K., one can also find most major international sports events such as the NFL Super Bowl.



cCloud TV

cCloud TV is among the favorite add-ons of many Kodi users from various countries. The main reason of this is the large selection of live streams that users can pick from. cCloud TV streams live TV channels from Europe, the United States, and even the Middle East. Live streams from other parts of the world can also be found on cCloud TV This is also among the best live sports add-ons for Kodi with over 150 sports channels.




Previously known as Sanctuary, Quantum has thousands of regular users. Although its popularity among users has been in the fall, the rebranding by a new developer has shown a rise in the trend.  It had many attractive features, one of which was IPTV. This feature has been updated and refined for the new addon. It now hosts to hundreds of live TV channels and offers a very wide selection of sports channels. It is completely free and one of the best fits with Kodi.




Goodfellas was one of the most popular add-ons for live streaming and the newly released second major version of an addon is a must-have for all sports fans.This add-on combines live streams from different parts of the globe and gives one easy access to them. This is a well-organized addon that is easy to use. It streams all major sporting events like NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, MLB, soccer, and others. The addon does require the use of a VPN to unlock the content.




Elektra Vault

Elektra Vault is one of the hidden gems of Kodi addons. It was recently released and unlocks access to many different live TV channels. The existing selection of channels has something on offer for everyone. These channels include streams from Sky, BT Sports, ESPN, and Bein Sports. It also gives access to streams from channels like Starz, HBO, and AMC – that has a wide range of latest movies and TV shows. This addon has a wide array of live streams and replays and includes many different types of sports to pander to a wider audience. The only drawback is that the addon’s categorization is a little lacking and leads to misplaced streams.


Falcon Sports

Falcon Sports brings together many different add-ons under its platform. Most of these add-ons revolve around one particular sort of video content, so one can easily find add-ons like Falcon Movies and Falcon Sports to pander to their needs. Falcon Sports features one of the most high-quality streams.



Scheme Streams

Scheme Streams is another recently released live sports addon. This addon is the perfect platform for live streaming sports. It gives access to many live TV channels in well-organized categories and there is also a very impressive selection of live sports radio stations. Channels being streamed on this add-on include ESPN, Eurosport, Real Madrid TV, and others. It is an easy to navigate addon and has high-quality streaming.



Sports World

Sports World is one of the newest add-on available for Kodi. It was launched recently and is an incredible way to stream live sports. It has a very wide collection and one can find sports like basketball, rugby, cricket, boxing, golf, wrestling, mixed martial arts etc. All the content on the addon is divided into different folders representing various categories.



A lot of these add-ons are geo-restricted. This means that they are bound to work only in certain specified geographical areas. This problem can be very easily overcome by employing a VPN service to change your location to that of a compatible country. There are various such services available and not only do they help you get over the geo-restrictions, but also keep your traffic anonymous.

Kodi is very beneficial for sports fans because of its wide range of content. There are various sports add-ons available for use by Kodi owners and these add-ons are only growing in number and getting more superior in technology. With such a wide range to pick from, there is always something for everyone. The channels streamed on these add-ons range from international sports giants to local channels. These channels cover many different sporting tournaments and events.

Kodi has managed to transform the face of live sports streaming with these incredible addons and will continue to spearhead this practice. With every subsequent update, these add-ons are only becoming more user-friendly and delivering high-quality content for little to no price. This is truly a boon for sports fans across the world.


Q. What is a VPN?

A. A VPN called a Virtual Private Network is when one computer connects to another remote computer, and all online data goes in and out of the remote computer. A VPN connects one network to another along with encryption that anyone viewing the activity will not be able to read. The connection will be secured in an encrypted tunnel that no one from the outside can see into.


These are the best add-ons that users must have who enjoy or want to watch Live sports. We hope that you find this information useful and now you will able to install the best Kodi Live sports add-ons. In case you’re facing any issues related to Kodi add-ons, feel free to tell us by using the comments section below. In addition, we’d appreciate if you would share this article on the social media platforms.

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