Best Kodi Addons for Fitness 2018 – Working & Updated

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Although Kodi makes life easy for users by allowing them to access their favorite television shows, movies, music, and sports at the clock of the button from wherever they are sitting, it is important to not forget the importance of staying physically active in today’s time.

Almost all services are available on the internet now; which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This has effectively reduced the number of manual labor people used to put into their life on a daily basis. Kodi, while providing fast and reliable streaming services for all your entertainment, it also has many add-ons one can install which will help users in working out. For a society that is moving towards a stationary lifestyle, there is a greater need than ever to increase the daily activity level to maintain both fitness and body weight.

It is always recommended that you use a VPN while downloading Kodi add-ons. This is because of the fact that third-party add-ons, which include any add-on not found in the official Kodi repository, are made by individual developers. Piracy and security concerns always prevail in a situation like this. Using a VPN gives your online identity protection and also allows you to access add-ons that are geo-restricted.

List of Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

The internet is full of workout videos covering every aspect of the fitness world. The best Kodi exercise add-ons provide hours of videos that you can use to enhance your daily routines, dietary guides, and competition episodes. Here is a list of best Kodi Fitness Add-ons that one can add to up their fitness game to a whole new level.

Pulse Workout add-on

One of the most famous fitness add-ons is the Pulse Workout add-on. This has a wide array of different work-out videos. It is one of the best add-ons for those who want to work on losing a few pounds. The best aspect of Pulse Workout is its content diversity. You can find hundreds of videos covering every aspect of working out and by different fitness experts. There are circuit style workouts, interval training, high-intensity blasts and low-intensity sessions like Yoga. Most of the video content is extremely high quality and at decent resolutions. This add-on is all about fitness, weight lifting, diet tips, body rock, and yoga and more collections related to fitness and workouts which help you to become fit. It also has motivational and instructional tips that will get you in good shape and live a healthier life. There are so many videos to guide, motivate and help you to lose weight. The address to browse for the media locations is Pulse Workout is one of the best Kodi fitness add-ons for those who want a wide range of fitness content.

Gym World

Another brilliant add-on is Gym World. Once you access this add-on, it will become clear that the entire add-on is mainly focused on bodybuilding; this will be clear from the navigation theme as well. Gym World is divided into multiple categories. There exercise videos covering everything you need to advance your daily workouts and there is a lot more. You will find a dietary section which will take you through different food plans and how to use protein supplements. For those who are really into competition body or strength building, Gym World offers a selection of strongman shows to watch including World’s Strongest Man. The content of this Kodi addon is excellent and the structure and navigation are extremely easy to use. This add-on contains all training videos, workouts, exercises, dietary supplement and many fitness ideas to stay us in good shape. Gym World is a Kodi fitness add-on that streams training workouts, exercises, diet recipes, and will help you get into perfect shape. The address to browse for the media locations is


Even though it is not solely built for this purpose, the add-on for YouTube is also one of the largest providers of videos when it comes to any topic; especially fitness. Enter a search on YouTube and you can find more or less any type of workout video including Aerobics, Circuits, Yoga, Kettle Bell, Spin and many more. These videos are made by professionals and also home-made productions.Some of the best nutrition experts from around the globe operate YouTube channels and provide in-depth information on different diet types. This add-on does not have all of your workout content in one place like those solely dedicated to fitness add-ons but still, the variety of content is unrivaled.

Merlin Fitness

Another good fitness add-on is Merlin Fitness. It has the best, newest and latest workout videos like women workout, p90x Kodi, Pop sugar, Zukka lite, Zumba fitness and more. If you use this add-on on a regular basis for your fitness workouts, you will get good health in a prolonged fashion. It has high definition content and using a VPN while accessing this add-on will also get you proper security.


Physicality is also a good Kodi fitness add-on. It has brilliant workout programs, tutorials, and motivational videos. It has guides to diet, toning up and on how to maintain your health. The address to browse for the media locations is


For those who are Yoga fans, YogaGlo is a must-have add-on to use. Apart from being available on Kodi, it is also an online resource for people who are Yoga and meditation geeks. The site offers thousands of classes for people at all levels that you can do from your own home. The YogaGlo Kodi add-on allows you to use all of this content from your HTPC system. It requires a login to the website and you enter this into the configuration of the add-on after install.

Fire Fitness

Fire Fitness is a great add-on for working out. This is by the Fire TV Guru repository, which is a well known and trusted content producer by. This add-on has many videos including Fight Master Yoga, Yoga with Adriene, Workout Videos, Global fitness Network, Zumba Fitness and more. You can use this if you cannot make it to the gym on a daily basis as the videos are uploaded by trained individuals.


Q. How does Kodi work?

A. Kodi is designed to run on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi, meaning you can put it on all your devices and access your content whenever and wherever you are. You can also run it on televisions and set-top boxes and streaming devices, as well as on the Xbox One. The free app provides much of the functionality you'd find in the other apps, but because it is a Universal Windows App, there are some feature limitations, according to Kodi. The company plans to add more features over time.

Q. Is Kodi Safe?

A. Kodi should be safe out of the box and should not cause you any trouble. However, add-one might be a different story. There is a possibility that some add-ons may not be stable or could create trouble on your hardware. Therefore, it is a good idea to check their quality before you download.

Q. Why use Kodi for fitness add-ons?

A. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in your lives and people who are both physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well. In this fast-paced world that is highly dependent on the internet and electronic gadgets for functioning, using Kodi as your own portable gym instructor is indeed a smart choice.

So these are the few best Fitness add-ons for Kodi that one must try and see which one works best for them. Different people have different requirements when it comes to fitness-related workouts, routines, diets etc. That’s why it is advised to try these add-ons and see which works best for you. In this busy age of technology, somewhere we’re lagging behind in fitness area. Keep your fitness level high and Kodi is one place where you can install multiple fitness-related add-ons to keep yourself fit and healthy.

If you have any query or suggestion to make then use the comment section. Tell us which one is your fitness add-on out of these and other if any. Your feedback is always welcome. Keep on checking this for more information on Kodi.

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