How to Setup and Use Real Debrid on Kodi Leia 18

Overview about the Article:

This purpose of this tutorial is to tell you about the most trending topic. The name of the topic is “How to Setup and Use Real Debrid on Kodi Leia 18“. If you are a Koditv user  then you must have heard about this depository. I will personally recommend you to go through the full article so that you can understand the concept properly.

Here I will give you a step by step guide to help you with the Installation of Real Debrid. After reading this article I would suggest you to share it with your friends and relatives so they can Install this promising directory too.

What is Real Debrid :

Real Debrid is the most promising Kodi Utility released on Kodi. It provides you streaming links for videos like movies, Tv shows, etc. If a user wants to watch Full HD content, then he can watch it too. There are many repository’s out there which provide the same features like Real Debrid, but the only difference is that in Real Debrid, there are very few broken links.

Real Debrid also increases the download speed and makes sure you do not experience any buffering issues while playing the high resolution content. Read the following content to see how the Installation works.

Installation guide of Real Debrid:

The steps which I will show you will work in all the devices including Amazon Fire TV or FireStick, mobiles, computers and more.

  1. Go to Options and Click on the Settings option in the Kodi app.

kodi settings

  1. After going in settings, you have to go to System settings.

kodi 18 system settings

  1. Here you should see the Image given below. The default setting is Basic. Keep clicking until it changes to Advanced.

kodi advanced settings

  1. There is an Addo-0ns option, Click on it.

addons option on kodi

  1. Click Manage Dependencies . It is also given in the image below.

manage dependencies

  1. Click URLResolver at the b ottom of the screen. In some cases, you won’t see URLResolver. If that’s the case, click ResolveURL instead

url resolver on kodi

  1. After completing the previous step, Now click on the Configure button.

configure option on kodi

  1. On the Settings window, click Universal Resolvers on the left and Switch on the Toogle button.

select universal resolver

  1. After that you have to go to the Real-Debrid section on the right and click Priority. It is also higlight in the image below.

click on priority option

  1. Erase the default value of 100 and enter 90 in its place using the onscreen numeric keypad.

Special Note for Installation: 90 is the priority value to be used or Real-Debrid won’t work

Now Click on Done

change priority on kodi

  1. You will be back on the Settings window. Click OK to set the priority value to 90
  2. Now, click Configure again
  3. Again click Universal Resolvers on the left
  4. Now you have to reauthorize your account by going to the Real-Debrid section and clicking on (Re)Authorize My Account

authorize my account on kodi

  1. In this step as you can see, there’s a alphanumeric code in front of you. The code expires in 120 seconds.

copy alphanumeric code

  1. Quickly open in a browser and enter your login details for logging in your Real Debrid account.

Note: Since the code lasts only for 120 seconds, it would be a good idea to log in to Real Debrid first before generating the code (which you do by clicking (Re)Authorize My account)

Copy the alphanumeric code and enter it here and click Continue

past the code on real debrid account

  1. Now head back to Kodi and you will see the notification on the top-right that Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized

real debrid is authorized

Now you are all set to stream vides with Real Debrid repository. Now you can stream any video you want.


After reading the above article on “How to Setup and Use Real Debrid on Kodi Leia 18“, I hope the concept becomes clear to you. Now you know how to Install Real Debrid in your Koditv app. For more ideas on koditv, Please keep visiting us regularly. Here you can find solution to all your Kodi problems.

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