How to Install Voodoo Addon on Kodi Leia 18

Overview about the Article:

This article is on the topic “How to Install Voodoo Addon on Kodi Leia 18“. Here I will teach you the Installation of one of the well known Kodi addonn “Voodoo“.  If you are a Kodi User and want to Install this Addon then, Please refer to the article to propr understanding. This article contains a step by step guide which is 100% working.

What is Voodoo Kodi Addon:

Just like all other Kodi addons, Voodoo is a Kodi addon launched in Liea 18. This addon allows users to Stream movies and shows free of cost. Voodoo Kodi addon also has a special section for Kids and adult anime. It has a big content library, which is getting updated regularly with new videos. Voodoo Kodi addon also pulls a lot of quality streams, including several 1080p links. That’s why It is demanded my most of the people nowadays.

Step by Step Installation Guide:

Have a look at the following steps to know the

. Open the Kodi app on your device. Click Settings on the home screen. The settings icon is at top left corne rof the screen.

how to install voodoo kodi addon

#2. Click System located at the bottom right side.

voodoo kodi addon

#3. Select Add-ons on the left menu bar and switch on Unknown sources. You can do it by clicking on the toogle button.

voodoo addon for kodi

#4. Continue by clicking Yes when prompted. Do remember that If you click on NO, then the installation will not complete.

voodoo addon for kodi

#5.Again go back to the Kodi homescreen. Here, you have to click on File Manager option. It is highlight in the picture below.

steps to install voodoo addon on kodi

#6. Click Add source next. For refrence, See the picture below.

how to get voodoo addon for kodi

#7. Click <None> on the next window and proceed to the next step.

voodoo kodi addon

#8. Now you need to type in the source URL on the window you see below. Here is the URL:

Type the URL carefully and remember it is case sensitive. After properly entering the source URL, Press OK button.

how to install voodoo addon on kodi

#9. Here, You have to select a proper name for teh source media. For ex: type ezzer or any name you wish this source to have. You will use this name later in the next steps and finally click on OK

voodoo kodi addon

#10. Click the back button repeatedly until you return to the Settings menu again or simply head back to the Kodi home screen. Here you have to click on Add-ons option.


voodoo addon for kodi

#11. Choose Install from zip file. It is located at the second number from the bottom.

voodoo kodi

#12.  Click the source name you chose earlier. For instance, I named it ezzer so that’s what I am going to click on this window

kodi voodoo

#13. Click the zip file and press OK Button.

voodoo addon for kodi

#14. After clicking on OK button,  you have to Wait while the EzzerMacs Wizard Repository notification appears in the top-right corner of the screen.

#15. Choose Install from repository. For your reference, It is given below.

install voodoo addon on kodi

#16. Open EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

voodoo kodi addon

#17. Select Video add-ons. It is located at the botton of the screen.

voodoo addon for kodi

#18. Scroll down to the bottom and click Voodoo

install voodoo addon on kodi

#19. Press the Install button on the next window

voodoo kodi addon

#20. Click OK when Kodi prompts you about the additional addons that will be installed alongside Voodoo Kodi addon.

Now you are all set to enjoy this Kodi addon.


After reading the article the concept should be clear to you. The installation procedure is accurate and 100% working. In case you can’t Install the addon kindly, let us know. We will help and guide you with your problem.

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