How to Install Destiny Kodi Addon on Leia 18

Overview about the article:

This article is on the topic “How to Install Destiny Kodi Addon on Leia 18”. This article is for Kodi users only who wish to Install this addon in their Kodi app. In this article, You will find a step by step Instalation guide to help you Install Destiny Kodi addon.

Many people face problems while Installing this Kodi addon. So, we ae here to help you with Installation process. Please read the whole article carefully to completely understand the Installation process.

Special Note for Kodi Users:

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What is Destiny Kodi Addon?:

This is a new Kodi addon available for Kodi users. This addon allows you to download the videos befoe watching.  By using this addon, You can avoid buffering while watching online content. Destiny is a brand new add-on that provides users with tons of features the typical add-on does not. This includes a unique interface, torrent streams, and much more.

Step by Step guide to Install Destiny Kodi Addon:

Strictly follow the steps given below to Install the Destiny Kodi Addon.

  • Launch Kodi app.
  • Click the settings icon  Kodi Settings Icon.It is also shown in the image given below.

click settings icon

  • Click System icon. It is located right side of the screen as shown in the figure below.

click system

  • Hover over Add-ons menu item and turn on Unknown sources. If it is on aleady then no issue.

turn on unknown sources

  • Click Yes option.

click yes

  • Click back on remote to go back to the System page
  • Select File Manager on the top left corner of the screen.

select file manager

  • Click Add source option on the left of the screen.

click add source

  • Click <None> option as shown in the figure bwlow.

click none

  • Type the following url exactly how it is listed here – and click OK button. and click ok

  •  Enter a name for this media source. You can name it anything you desire. Type eggman or any other name you would like to identify this source as and click OK button again.

type eggman

  • Choose Add-ons option. It is right beside File manager option.

Click Add-ons

  • Click Install from zip file as shown in the figure below.

click install from zip file

  • Choose eggman ( or any name you named your file with in the previous step).

choose eggman

  • Choose


  • Wait for EggScrapers add-on installed message to appear

wait for eggscrapers add-on installed message

  • Click Install from zip file again
  • Click


  • Wait for Eggman Add-on installed message to appear

wait for eggman add-on installed message

  • Click Install From repository

click install from repository

  • Choose Eggman

choose eggman

  • Click Video Add-Ons

click video add-ons

  • Select Destiny and proceed to the next step.

click destiny

  • Select Install option in the down right corner of the screen.

select install

  • Kodi will then prompt the message below stating “The following additional add-ons will be installed”, Click OK option without any second thoughts.

  • Wait for Destiny Add-on installed message to appear on the screen. It is shown in the figure given below.

wait for destiny add-on installed message

Installation is now complete. Now you can use all the services of Destiny Kodi addon and enjoy using it’s premium features for free.


After reading the full article, The process of Installing Destiny Kodi addon shoud be clear to you. If you still have any query, Feel free to reach us by commenting in the comment box below.

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