How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

Overview about the Article:

This article is on the topic “How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error“. If you are a Kodi user then you might have encountered with this problem. This problem is common for a platform like Kodi. Due to this problem people are unable to stream their favourite videos and movies.

This article contains some trouble shooting steps which you can use to solve the problem. Read the full article carefully to understad these steps so that if this happens in future, you can solve it without any problem.

Why does No Stream Error occur:

Some of you might think that It is because of the addon installed. But the thing is, Add-ons do not store the data of your favorite TV shows and movies that you stream over the internet using Kodi. They only fetch streaming source links from other services using their API key such as IMBD, Trakt, and so much more.

So whenever you search any content in Kodi, you will see the message “No Stream Available”.

Troubleshooting Methods to solve this problem:

  • Clearing Cache data: It is a great and the most promising way of fixing the Kodi error. For clearing the cache data, you can use the following steps. Look at the steps carefully.

    • Launch Kodi app on your device.
    • Open Exodus Redux or the addon with you are getting an error.
    • Click on Tools from the menu. For your convinience, It is shown in the figure below.

    Click on Tools

    • In this step, we will clear the providers. For this, Tap on Exodus Redux: Clear Providers. Click on Yes option.

    Clear Providers

    • Now Click on Exodus Redux: Clear Cache. Click on Yes to clear caches.

    Clear Cache

  • Updating Kodi Addons: Many people face this error just because their addons are outdated. For streaming the videos without any problem, you should always use updated addons. Once out of date, the add-ons do not load the source links for your movies or TV shows or even work normally again. We suggest checking update of the addon you are using is available or not. If it is available, Update the addon and see the things. If the result is the same, then Removing the addon would be a better option for you.


  • Re-check your Internet Connection: Sometimes the error may occur because of the poor Internet connection. Due to this, Kodi fails to generate the available links. Normally, you need a connection with at least 10 MBPS speed to stream. But the most preferred is a connection speed between 25-50 MBPS.


  • Reset Kodi App on the device: This is a last resort. If all the options above mentioned fails, then you should opt for this option. By selecting this option, Kodi reset all its settings and data.


I hope you should have found your desired solution by now. The above mentioned steps are 100% working and tested by Kodi professionals. If you have any other alternative to solve the problem, Feel free to share with us. It will mean a lot to us.

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