How to Enable and Use Kodi Airplay on Leia 18

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Like our other articles, we are here with another new feature/kodi addon on Leia 18. After reading this article, you will understand the whole concept of Installation of Kodi Aurplay on Kodi Leia 18. Kodi is your personalized video content library that you can use to watch movies stored on your device or from open-source media streaming sites online. For properly utilizing Kodi, you need to Install addons in it.

Airplay is one of the secured protocol developed by Apple for mirroring of Multimedia within Apple Devices. With the Airplay option, you can able to mirror it on other Apple devices.

Why should we use a VPN with Kodi? :

If you are a Kodi user then you must be aware of the fact that It is important to use a VPN with Kodi. The government can easily track down your unique IP Address and impose heavy taxation and penalties for viewing copywrited content. To avoid these problems, we recommend you to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). A good VPN lets you hide your real identity by switching your IP to different locations.

we recommend you to use NordVPN. It is regarded as the best Kodi VPN to safeguard your privacy.

Steps to Enable and Use Kodi Airplay on Leia 18:

    • First, launch your Kodi Leia 18 on your device.
    • In Kodi’s main menu, there you have to click on “Settings” or the “Gear” icon at the top left corner of the screen.
    • Click on Services from the available options. Do notice that you click on the right option.
    • Under Service Settings, click General on the left-hand side and to the right, you will see “Zeroconf
    • After clicking on “Zeroconf”, You will see “Announce Services to other Systems”, click the switch to the far right to turn it on
  • Once It is enabled, you have to go to the AirPlay Tab on the left-hand side below the “General” under Service Settings.
  •  Then you have to click on “Enable Airplay Support” to active the option
  • Under Enable AirPlay Support, click on “Use Password Protection”. You are requested to set a password that you can easily remember.
  • Once the password is set,  click OK to set it as your default password.

After doing the above steps, you are all set to use Kodi Airplay on Leia 18.


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